The department for promoting cultural, educational and other types of cooperation

The Department for Promoting Cultural, Educational and Other Types of Cooperation performs tasks related to:

  • Improving scientific, cultural and educational cooperation, as well as other forms of the same, between the diaspora and Serbs in the region; preserving and nurturing the Serbian cultural, ethnic and religious identity by giving support through joint programmes and projects, as well as through providing support and building on the capacity of organisations in the diaspora and the region;
  • Making a plan for using knowledge and skills remotely – for highly-educated members of the diaspora and in relation to relevant subjects;
  • The tasks of ensuring coordination and cooperation with relevant state and other authorities in order to improve on educational-pedagogic work abroad, as well as proposing measures and activities in line with the development of IT technology; the development and maintenance of an interactive web portal to assist members of the diaspora in learning Serbian;
  • Awarding national acknowledgments for special contributions to strengthening connections between the homeland and the diaspora, and the mother country and Serbs in the region;
  • Increasing the capacity of organisations in the diaspora and the region, as well as improving their level of organisation, ensuring that they’re modern and building networks; creating and maintaining a database of churches, endowments, native houses and other buildings of importance for Serbian science, culture and art; organising cultural, scientific, sporting and other events;
  • Producing and distributing publications that feature information on national identity, characteristics, social values, culture, history, the economy, brands, major campaigns and initiatives coming from the Republic of Serbia, as well as performing other duties within the scope of the Department

The Group for the Coordination of Improving Educational–Pedagogic Work Abroad performs tasks related to:

  • Supporting projects that contribute by their quality to the strengthening of cultural, educational and sporting aspects of cooperation with the diaspora and Serbs in the region;
  • Strengthening the capacity of libraries in the diaspora, and coordinating with those in Serbia by developing and implementing projects aimed at the exchange of textbooks and other learning materials electronically, in accordance with modern IT technologies;
  • Logistical support to organisations for Serbian film, organising and implementing theatrical performances and similar events;
  • Using, learning, preserving and fostering the Serbian language and the Cyrillic alphabet, recording and preserving the Serbian cultural, ethnic and religious identity; support for all forms of educational–pedagogic work abroad;
  • Preventing assimilation by fostering close relations with the mother country and raising awareness of origins;
  • Support for the most important amateur events in the field of culture and the arts, support for summer schools and camps;
  • Support for the financing or co-financing of projects that are focused on the procurement and distribution of textbooks to supplementary schools in the diaspora and the region;
  • Creating and updating an electronic spelling book;
  • Organising conferences on the theme of preserving the Serbian language within the diaspora and the region;
  • Collaboration with sporting organisations in the diaspora, developing and updating a database of sportsmen from the diaspora and the region, as well as other activities within the scope of the Department.