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Useful Links

The President of the Republic of Serbia: www.predsednik.rs

The Government of the Republic of Serbia: www.srbija.gov.rs
Ministry of Finance: www.mfin.gov.rs
Ministry of the Economy: www.privreda.gov.rs
Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Water Management: www.minpolj.gov.rs
Ministry of Construction, Transportation and Infrasturcture: www.mgsi.gov.rs
Ministry of Mining and Energy: www.mre.gov.rs
Ministry of Trade, Tourism and Telecommunications: mtt.gov.rs
Ministry of Justice: www.mpravde.gov.rs
Ministry of Regional Development and Local Self-Government: www.mduls.gov.rs
Ministryof the Interior: www.mup.gov.rs
Ministry of Defence: www.mod.gov.rs
Ministry of Foreign Affairs: www.mfa.gov.rs
Ministry of Education, Science and Technological Development: www.mpn.gov.rs
Ministry of Health: www.zdravlje.gov.rs
Ministry of Labour, Employment and Social Policy: www.minrzs.gov.rs
Ministry of Youth and Sports: www.mos.gov.rs
Ministry of Culture and Information: www.kultura.gov.rs
Ministry of European Integration: www.mei.gov.rs
Ministry of Environmental Protection: www.ekologija.gov.rs
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