Applications from Organisations for inclusion in the Records of the Office

We invite you to include details of your organisations and associations in the official records of the Office for Cooperation with the Diaspora and Serbs in the Region. Entry in the official records of the Office will ensure that you remain informed about projects of interest to the diaspora, and opportunities to work with the homeland. Completed forms for applying to register organisations in official records can be sent to:

 Details of organisations are entered in the official records by means of the submission of an application for the registration of organisations in the records.

Applications for registering organisations in the official records shall be submitted along with the following documents:

  1. A decision related to entry of the organisation in the official register, as evidence that the organisation exists as an entity belonging to the diaspora, or that it is an organisation of Serbs in the region registered in accordance with the regulations of the foreign country in which involved members of the diaspora reside, or that it is in accordance with the regulations of the country, on the basis of which Serbian organisations in the region operate;
  2. A translation of the decision into Serbian, in Cyrillic, by the competent authorities of the foreign country;
  3. A legal document showing authorisation for the person chosen to represent the organisation.

Rule book on the content and manner of keeping the official records of the organisations in the diaspora and records of the organisations of Serbs in the region (‘Official Gazette of RS’ No: 6/2010) was adopted on the basis of the rules regulated by the Law on Diaspora (Article 40, paragraph 4.).

Procedure for Entry in the Register



Organisations and associations from the diaspora and the region who do not have the above documents are invited to apply to the Office Directory at: to receive regular information. You can also contact us via the following social networks:

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