Programmes of housing reconstruction after floods adopted

The Serbian government adopted at 24 July 2014  session – the programmes of reconstruction of destroyed and damaged houses in the areas hit by the May floods, which envisage the construction of 350 houses and the payment of financial assistance to owners of 10,000 damaged family housing units.

RASIM LJAJIC, NOVAK NEDIC, ALEKSANDAR VUCIC, IVICA DACIC, ZORANA MIHAJLOVICUnder the state reconstruction programme, standard houses of 60,80 and 100 square metres will be built, based on the number of household members. If building a house is not possible, under the terms defined in the programme, families will receive financial aid for housing solutions.

The families whose houses were destroyed, and it is not possible to build new ones, will be paid the amount of money that is approximate amount needed to build a standard house, i.e. RSD 2 million for 60 square-metre houses, RSD 2.5 million for buildings of 80 square metres and RSD 3 million for houses of 100 square metres. 

A total of RSD 875 million has been set aside for the implementation of the programme of housing reconstruction.

The funds for reconstruction will be paid according to the category of damage. RSD 120,000 will be paid for the first category of damage, RSD 200,000 for the second category, RSD 250,000 for the third category, RSD 350,000 for the fourth category and RSD 600,000 for the fifth category of damage. A total of RSD 2.5 billion has been set aside for the implementation of this programme.

The decision on the allocation of state aid will be passed by local governments, in accordance with law. When deciding, among other things, it will be taken into account if the damage is reported in accordance with law, if it was caused by floods and landslides that occurred in May 2014, and that the damage occurred on a building in which the applicant had a permanent residence. 

Local self-governments will submit to the Office for assistance and rehabilitation of flooded areas the decisions which will serve as a basis for construction of standard houses and disbursement of financial aid.

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