Compulsory Pension and Disability Insurance

There are three categories of compulsory insurants: employed persons, self-employed persons and farmers ( detailed information )

The following documents shall be submitted when applying: a completed application form ( available from a branch office or: via this website ) – certified copy of an ID card – certified copy of an employment record – an ‘М’ form to apply for insurance, which shall be left blank in the event that you are a self-employed insurant: a certificate of self-employment – if you were registered with the National Employment Service: official record of attendance.

For information regarding obtaining rights to:

– an old age pension: detailed information

– a disability pension: detailed information

– a family pension (after the death of someone who drew a pension): detailed information

– gaining and using pension and disability insurance rights for professional army servicemen: detailed information

Places Where you Can Obtain Entitlements to Pension and Disability Insurance (Branches) 

For submitting a request to assess the extent of pensionable service abroad, the following documents shall be provided:

a request form

– all written evidence of years of employment abroad

– a copy of an employment record

– proof of performed military service

– a copy of an ID card

– birth certificate

For submitting a requirement for approval of pension payments abroad, the following data shall be submitted:

a request form

– a copy of the decision on retirement

– proof of citizenship

– proof of permanent residence abroad.

Requests and documentation shall be submitted to the branch according to the place of residence, or by mail, to the following address: Fund Directorate, Dr. Aleksandra Kostića 9 11000 Belgrade, or Province Fund Directorate, Žitni trg 3 21000 Novi Sad.